Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here's What I've Found in the News This Past Week!

Peruvian potatoes - from Parque de la Papa (Potato Park), a Peruvian agro-ecotourism project...
(the original pic is not on the page, but was accessed from a site called Milkwood Permaculture)

WOW! I've been food/ethics searching all week! All of this should get you talking! The picture is explained below, but aren't these potatoes beautiful?!

  • Scary things in our food (so what's new?!). But wait, this may bring on the gag reflex just a little!
  • The caramel color in colas is carcinogenic (cancer causing), and changes are on the way. Of course, our European neighbors have already taken measures on this. Your colas may look a little lighter soon. Check out the info here!
  • The Humane Society of the United States is an interesting site. Check out the picture of pigs in gestation crates. Some of you have blogged on changes taking place with this aspect of factory farming. You'll also find some pretty cute pictures, especially ones of a pig and dog hanging out together!
  • A disturbing article on Pepsi and their use of aborted fetus cells in their creation of a new Pepsi product called "Next" has been circulating. I checked around to make sure everything was factual and actually found a more balanced but equally disturbing article from Forbes. Apparently, just like the Henrietta Lacks issue (see here), cell lines from an aborted fetus from several decades ago have been replicated and used for many things, not the least of which is food production. I include an in-depth article from The National Catholic Register on companies using these aborted fetus cells for many things, including medical treatment and cosmetics.
  • Finally, on the issue of the loss of plant diversity, check out the Potato Park (Peru) and scroll down and read about the efforts underway to save the diversity of potatoes! Note my picture above. Many of these potatoes are being placed in food and ice arks to preserve them against Doomsday catastrophes, which unfortunately include some of our own irresponsible practices. :(
Get into the news! Protect your health and choose to be a good steward! I'll be reading your blogs this weekend, and I hope you are reading each others' because I'll know soon enough. ;)