Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did you see the CHIPOTLE commercial during the Grammys?

Front of Chipotle Restaurant - Fort Wayne, Indiana
by SupremeCrete
If not, here's the link to an article on Chipotle's practices, as well as the commercial. I loved the commercial and admit it's full of PATHOS! Read the article, though, to get an idea of how tough it is to be in the food arena. I think we should reward (with our monetary support) all companies who are trying to step up to stewardship in any way. Look for ways your food establishments are doing things right, and let them know you notice. THEN encourage them to do more.  


  1. Go Chipotle!! I really hope more restuarants follow in their footsteps. The article briefly mentioned how Chipotle was once owned by McDonalds. Wouldn't it be awesome if Chipotle convinced McDonalds (the very business that perhaps started this whole nation-wide cheap processed food problem) to become more organic in their food choices, too? According to the article, Chipotle may have already influenced them! McDonalds has apparantly asked their meat suppliers to be more humane to the animals.

  2. I went to Chipotle for the first time last year. A dedicated Moes' Southwest customer (due to proximity to my house) I was a little skeptical of the place at first, but I've loved it since my first bite. It's an obsession really. I consistently find myself craving it (and the day I found out that they were building one in Northlake was one of the most exciting moments of my life; Julia Dolgetta can attest to that.:))I never knew though how deserved my obsession was though. I did some research on the Chipotle Cultivate foundation (which was mentioned in the article) and was amazed to see how much Chipotle is actually doing for the fight for ethical and sustainable food. If y'all want to read more about it the website can be found at So proud of one of my favorites restaurants and that I can be even a little part of there efforts!

    P.S. When I went there last Friday, I got an apple juice for my little sister and just for kicks looked at the ingredients. The list included? Apples. That's it. Talk about great.

  3. I love chipotle, and it's nice to know that somewhere I like eating is actually using good ingredients. Knowing what is in the food that I am eating is becoming more and more interesting and important to me so seeing this is encouraging to me because even fast food places can be healthy. I love the commercial because it is perfect in showing people what is really going on!
    Rose Cahill

  4. One of the blogs I'm having you guys follow is Food Politics by Marian Nestle. Here's an important post about Chipotle:

    Because I am replying within the comments, I am using the URL and not a link!

  5. When this commercial came on, and i realized were it was going, i immediately thought of you Mrs. Collier! I really appreciate that a great chain restaurant like Chipotle is making a serious effort to treat both animals and humans with the respect they deserve! And they even look cool doing it! The ad was so effective that I thought I could be watching something done by Pixar. I even bought the Willie Nelson cover song on iTunes!

  6. Wow! I read the article, and was impressed by Chipotle's loyalty to its ethical and organic standards. This company is a stalwart supporter of returning to the basics, which was evident after watching the commercial. I hope other companies can follow this example of staying true to ethical and natural principals. Go Chipotle!