Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Now, I'm not really a tree hugger type, but I DO think that the issue of food ethics goes beyond any political party or agenda.  I'm somewhat of a skeptic regarding global warming, but I am linking you to an article from a global warming watchdog. However, the article is very interesting in that it quotes from many sources, both conservative. liberal, and points in between. Note how ethanol (corn subsidies) is ruining our planet. Check and see how complicated it all is and when you pay for your gas at the pump, note the ethanol mix as you pump that expensive gasoline! Think about all the food shortages occurring not only globally, but also here in the good ol' USA. In Haiti, people have been reduced to making dirt cookies with dirt, water, and other ingredients.
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  1. Someone commented on the article saying that large amounts of ethanol are decreasing the miles our cars can travel per gallon...Not only is it creating widespread trouble, it isn't even helping our feul - the very reason its in gas. -Kaitlyn