Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Manufacturing Meat" by Mike Licht, Notions Capital

Well, this really makes me sort of lose my appetite (which is probably a good thing for me!).  Scientists are working on synthetic meat, or "cultured" meat--meat grown "in vitro." So no animals have to actually live on the land. They can be created through test tubes. Read here about this unsettling practice, even more so because you will probably be able to "design" your synthetic meat!  Would you like it to smell like pork, have the fat content of chicken, and slice like roast beef?  NO PROBLEM!


  1. Although extremely creepy and disturbing.. I am slightly interested into trying this for the expirience.

  2. The children of the Paulino family all agree that Patricia told them a story about her scientists friends that grew meat in their lab and then made a celebratory meal out of it. Only she does not remember telling such a story.

  3. Deeply thought provoking, it cuts to the core. Slightly nauseating to think about. I prefer beef that actually comes from a cow.

  4. I still haven't seen anyone give good ethical reasons why there would be any problem with synthetic meat. Finding it creepy is a reason for YOU not to try it, but it's not a reason why you should be against others trying it.