Thursday, April 23, 2015

Have You Heard of the Paleo Diet? Microbes in Our Guts?

With all the different diets vying for attention and diseases from common foods in the news today, I thought this NPR article was interesting, as it relates the microbes in our guts to what kinds of food we can handle. Research is showing just how much we are made up of microbes that govern many processes in our bodies and brains. A sort of symbiotic relationship, if you will. There are other articles to link into once you're at the main article, here. If you know someone with celiac disease, or other issues, it's worth a read. The Western diet is really not very friendly to the human body, alas.

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  1. That article was very interesting, espeically the part about how antibiotics affect the microbes in our digestive system. It makes you wonder if doctors in the US giving out antibiotics so freely is affecting the health of our citizens.