Monday, March 21, 2011

"No?" by FotoGail

The school says no field trips after spring break, and farms aren't ready to host tours until something actually starts growing, or during harvest, which is before we start the project. So, it looks like everything is off, unless I can work up something by next Thursday, which is nigh to impossible. Apparently, only sports (games, playoffs, etc.) is allowed after this time.

Oh, well. Maybe we can eat at Farm Burger in an unofficial capacity after the AP exam. I'll be checking. Would any of you be interested in eating there or at Yeah, Burger after the exam?


  1. There's an OUTSIDE chance that next Thursday MAY work. Would that be possible? The 31st? The pigs are supposed to deliver their babies on 4/1. Wouldn't it be cool if they came on the 31st???

    We'll see.

  2. That would be so awesome if we could go to the farm next Thursday! If that doesn't work out, I'd love to go to Farm Burger after the AP exam; that's one of my favorite restaurants!

    --Ansley Jones

  3. Our Church History Projects are due on the 31st and I know Dr. Hall's classes have a test that day :( Man, I really wanted to go to the farm! Oh well...we should definitely go to Farm Burger after the AP Exam though! Sounds like a good plan to me :)
    -Jennifer Rochefort

  4. School is for suckers.. let's go to the farm! Next Thursday sounds great but even if that doesn't work out, my vote is for Farm Burger. We would just have to make sure we have room because from what I can remember there are not a surplus of seats there.
    I love baby pigs :)

    -Taylor Glenn

  5. Dang on the tests; thanks for letting me know...

  6. Thanks for keeping us posted! I would really love to go to Yeah Burger or Farm Burger after the AP exam.

  7. oh no...
    mrs. collier, this is so sad.
    but dont worry. Jack, payton and i will take you out to tour a farm sometime this summer.
    And get ready to be rocked. Im working on a doozy of a post right now.

    -Your favorite student, Zach