Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Wonder Bread" by Steve Snodgrass

It seems, with all of your research, that a consistent theme keeps appearing. Many additives and ingredients in OUR food (USA) are banned in other countries. Why?  Here's an interesting post by Snack Girl in her blog about that very issue.

I'll try to order these books and get more info!


  1. This article made me realize that the FDA needs A LOT more funding. For example, it's impossible for three people to effectively regulate the food multibillion dollar food industry in China. How can we expect the FDA to protect us from our food if they don't have any funding?
    - Quinn Rhodes

  2. It's amazing how many ingredients can be in one loaf of bread! It's really so much more simple to make it using real ingredients, not chemicals. I laughed when I saw how many of those were corn products. Corn syrup twice...really? Also, it seems like when another country bans an ingredient that it would only make sense for us to follow their lead. I don't understand how it could be safe for us but not for them. We just need more regulation to stop this craziness! -Melissa

  3. I agree with Melissa. What happened to the days where bread was made out of flour, yeast, and milk? I just don't understand how adding extra chemicals and products to something so simple is actually helful.~Ayana

  4. Glad I haven't had wonderbread in a long really is a shame though. I agree with Melissa also. Throughout its history America has proclaimed to be the "city on a hill" for the rest of the world. We have always acted keeping in mind the image we've created over the years. But it seems that with food, America's got a lot to learn from other countries.

  5. I agree with Melissa as well. This article just goes to show that that the less ingredients added to a product, the better it tastes. And if certain chemicals hurt people so much in other countries that they had to be banned, wouldn't they hurt American people in the same way? Ahhh, when will America ever learn...?
    -Jennifer Rochefort