Monday, March 21, 2011


Well, I find this article a bit disturbing, but, at the same time, I think it shows the power of the industry. See what's going on in Florida and Iowa, or what they want to happen. We may all be criminals yet.

"lame" by zappowbang


  1. Wow, I find this to be very disturbing too. Wouldn't a bill like this cause the people of Florida and Iowa to be more suspicious of what is actually going in to their food? I can't believe that these state governments are willing to keep harmful information from their people.


  2. This is taking away the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. In my opinion, if they're afraid of being "misinterpreted" by the undercover photos, then they have the right to explain what exactly is being done. They don't have to take away the freedom of people in Florida and Iowa who deserve to know what goes on behind the scenes of their food, whether it's through the undercover research or if the companies are willing to justify their actions, these people need to know the facts.
    Sarah Johnson

  3. These bills make me very happy to live in Georgia. By not letting people know what is going into their food they are probably making them more suspicious. The companies should not take away people's rights to know what is in their food. If they are doing things correctly then the companies should not mind people seeing behind the scenes.

    -Jordan Straub

  4. I honestly cannot believe that bills like these are being passed by our government. Is it not our right to know what we are eating? These companies need to be taken down. If this bill is your evidence, then it is quite obvious that they are feeding us food that is not healthy for our bodies. The secrets that are being hidden by this bogus bill need to be brought to light. This is ridiculous! Thank goodness we have some sense in Georgia.

    -Taylor Glenn

  5. Hmmm... they say that the bill is "intended to stop animal rights organizations from filming undercover videos that misrepresent farming operations", but if these farming companies were not so horrible to begin with, animal rights organizations would not have to make videos to show people the truth about their food. No matter how the lawmakers or factory farms try to spin it, the truth is ultimately that the bills are taking away the rights of people in Iowa and Florida to know where their food comes from.

    Kelly Brown

  6. Is this a joke?! I'm not exactly the most politically involved person around, but I do have my beliefs and if this is what our government is coming to, then I'm moving to Canada. While I support aspects of both the Democratic and Republican parties, the injustice of this bill and many others is getting a little ridiculous. How are we supposed to proudly call America "The Land of the Free" when our leaders are taking our freedoms away from us? I'm glad to see that Georgia has not followed suite, but the people of Iowa and Florida deserve to know the truth about the operations of these companies. If it was up to me, I'd call in the WikiLeaks guy and have him fish out the dirty details. Then we'd all go local and organinc.....GO GREEN!

    Kaitlyn Horvath

  7. The fact that the state legislatures are trying to pass this kind of bill is proof that the farmers have something to hide. I think this is unfair to the consumers because it does not allow them to know where their food comes from. I think as consumers we have the right to know where our food comes from. This really makes me wonder what is going on in those farms.
    - Quinn Rhodes

  8. I find this absolutely ridiculous. We all have the right to know exactly what we put into our bodies. If these farming operations were packaging our food in a safe way there would be no need for animal rights organizations to tresspass and reveal the things going on in these farming operations. This is just upsetting. The government should be protecting our rights not the farming companies that are trying to cheat us out of healthy food.
    ~Ayana A

  9. What the heck?? How can this keep happening? If the food industry is so scared about letting images of farming techniques get out to the public, then how bad can it be? They know that they're bad. We know that they're bad. When will everyone else realize? When will things change?