Thursday, March 10, 2011


An interesting article on food supply woes compounded with subsidies of up to 6 billion/year for, you guessed it, CORN, makes for disturbing reading.  I hope my economists are paying attention and the rest of you, too. This applies to everyone. Let me know what you think... and that 10% ethanol is now 15%... Yikes!

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  1. Hmmmm... this seems a very tricky situation: we use ethanol (CORN) as an as an alternative to fossil fuels (petroleum) because there supposedly aren't enough of them, but now people are complaining because this corn should be used to feed people? Confusing! When will people make up their minds?
    -Taylor Halbig

  2. Well supposedly ethanol isn't an "energy sink" anymore... but we all know that the USDA is a figurehead for American agricultural business

    Cameron Cassan

  3. I agree with Taylor. I thought that using corn instead of wasting our natural resources was a good thing but i guess the millions of starving people in the world are much more important than the gas I use to get to the mall! Hmm... we need to come up with a positive alternative.
    -Katani Ostine-Franklin

  4. I see a slight bright-side to this, it certainly does not outweigh the cons though. As a result of government subsidies, we literally have more corn than we know what to do with and thus people find more and more ways to stuff corn into food, however, maybe some of this ethanol fuel can redirect that corn out of our food and into some gas tanks. But that may just be some wishful thinking.